Lightning Bolts

Medium to heavy duty self-threading bolt.
The ever popular lightning bolt speeds up installation of most masonry fixing installations
Elementech (Salt spray tested 1000 hours)

-Virtually stress free fixing, allowing close to edge applications.
-Through-fixing, eliminating the need for marking and re-positioning.
-High load capacity with interlocking thread into the base material.
-Quick and easy to use for many repetitive installations.
-Safe anchoring achieved without the need of high tightening forces.
-Simply screws in to a pre-drilled hole cutting its own self tapping thread without the need for a sleeve or plug.
-Probably the most versatile bolt fixing available for today’s tradesman.
-Clearance hole is usually 2mm greater than published drill size.
-Widely used for fixing battens, balustrades, handrails, racking and holding down machinery, plus many more installation applications.
-Suitable for most masonry substrates including concrete and brickwork but also for hollow block or bricks due to the nature of the thread type anchoring along the total length of the fixing.